Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Journal Page With (Of Coarse) A Tree

I went shopping with my gal pal Nancy and her Mom Bev last weekend at Paper Past Times and I found this funky little template/embellishment underneith a shelf on the bottom of a little basket of sale items. It is a foil with (glue gun glue) shaped like scales or something. I bought it thinking I would use it for an embellishment but then I decided to put it on the page and spray my glimmer mist on the page and use it as a template. It worked out well but I needed to wipe off the access mist with a towel. Then I used my tree template that I purchased at The Scrapbook Pantry where Nancy works and I cut out the image, colored it and then put two layers of self-leveling gel, then I put a few drops of alcohol ink into the gel to ad deeper colors. It turned out so nice as it dried. I decided to add it to this page and I think it goes really well. What do you think. I haven't written anything on the page yet because I'm not sure if I want to write on it or leave it the way it is.
I hope you enjoy it.
Happy Creating Everyone!

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Angel W said...

Don't you love how one thing leads to another in creating?