Monday, March 17, 2008

Fact #40 - Collages

Collages are one thing that I have never really enjoyed creating. I never understood what they were all about. With looking through different art blogs I have noticed the rise in the amount of collages being created. So many artists have perfected this art and maybe that is why I have never really caught onto it ~ if I can't perfect it my way, why do it? I am getting much better though. I am trying new things and getting more comfortable with the idea of things not being exactly perfect.
This collage is made from different pictures of women in the 1500's-1800's. I went googling to find different pictures of women's fashions during these times. I love looking at the fashions but I know that I would hate wearing them day in and day out! I couldn't imagine having to wear layers and layers of heavy fabric on my body - even in the summertime. Sure their gowns were exquisite and beautiful but I think that it would have been rather difficult to pull off every day of your life.
I covered this page with a sheet of laminant and then stamped images on top with Staz-on ink. I really like the outcome of this page.

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