Monday, March 17, 2008

Fact #39 I am a Romantic

I love romantic movies - where chivalry still exists! Where courting was something that occurred without "going all the way"! Where women blushed at the mere thought of their betrothed passing by. I love period pieces of artwork that captures moments like these, books, artwork etc. I drew this picture from the cover of a book I am currently reading. Although there are a few words I don't like in the book, (these words only occur once or twice)the book in itself is very innocent and romantic in a sense that the main character keeps her purity for her marriage bed. I loved the picture on the cover of the book Philippa by Bertrice Small. The main character looks strong and bold and beautiful. I distressed the background to make it look like a "London" grey day. I wrote out some of the idea of the story of the book around her because I really liked the story.

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