Tuesday, September 18, 2007

God Makes Himself Known

I was having a 'not-so-good' day the other day and I happened to open up my e-mail to a wonderful surprise. My girlfriend Kelly sent me an e-card just to let me know that she was thinking of me. She knows that I love to be creative and that is why this card was special. It involved four 'eyedropper' containers filled with ink and a piece of folded in half paper. The screen instructed me to click one of the containers and music began to play as the 'dropper' released small amounts of colored ink to the tune of the music. It then instructed me to do the same to the next container and the same thing happened... until all of them were chosen and a picture was created. At the end was a beautiful butterfly that fluttered off of the page and landed on top of a note that revealed the message from my friend. The butterfly inspired me to draw butterflies and re-create the beauty that was presented to me. As I was coloring my images I thought about the texture and considered my options between different mediums to use to create further beauty to these mysterious little creatures. I say "mysterious" because in them I can see the mystery of who God is. Intricate, exquisite, colorful beyond imagination, freely beautiful, delicate, confident, and powerful. God has made Himself known to all mankind through His creations. To capture even a glimpse on a piece of paper is an invigorating experience. That is why I love to draw and color and create all sorts of different butterflies. We live in a beautiful world full of amazing miraculous signs of God - if we choose to take a minute to see them.
You cannot see all the textures to this page as well as in person. The butterflies were coated with metallic colors (using my Twinkling H2O's that I finally was able to purchase)and then I placed a layer of self-leveling gel to give it even a further sheen and 3D effect. I love using the gel and often coat much of my art work with it. You can pick up self-leveling gel at any 'art' store (not necessary 'craft' stores). The 'Twinkling H20's I was able to purchase at a 'Rubber Stamping/Scrapbooking store.
This page was therapeutic as the colors ran deep within my soul as I thought of God and all of His creations coming to life as He breathed His breath of life into each and every living thing.
Happy Creating Everbody!

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