Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gemming Journal Cover - Second

Finally... I decided I would make another "Art Journal" yesterday. I have not completed filling up my first art journal, however, I felt I needed some further inspiration to journal. This one I am not as excited about as my first. It did not have the same smooth flow that my first one had. The first one I had accented with gold and gave it an antique feel. This one I tried to use pink and accent it with silvers but I am not as happy with it. Also the first one was much more personal as I used trinkets from my jewellery box that had special meaning to me (no monetary value of coarse but priceless sentimental value). Maybe that is why I have not formed an attachment to this one... maybe they need to be personal to inspire. Good question to ponder. If I feel it does not inspire me to journal I may just go back to my jewellery box and collect trinkets from my kidlets to make another personal one.
For this project I bought a large hardcover journal, I used a 'spiral-bound' as I wanted a journal that I was able to open completely and was not limited by the binding of the traditional hardbound journals. I then sent my son into my husbands garage (he likes to think of it as his - lol) for his duct tape. I covered both the front and back (inside and outside of each) completely with duct tape (this makes the moulding paste stick really well and the trinkets are held tightly with the paste). In regards to 'rhyme-or-reason' of placing the trinkets onto the cover I basically had none. I started at one edge and went to the other. The paste has to dry for 24 hours before you can use your journal.
"Gemming" a journal is usually a rather inspiring way to ensure you are going to use your journal instead of letting dust collect upon it! Pretty things inspire me as do feminine, dainty things - so in making this journal I was inspired to draw right away as you will see in the next entry.
Happy Creating and please share your journals with me!

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