Saturday, August 25, 2007

Preview of Some of My Cards

I moved to Alberta five years ago and met a lady named Nancy... since then I have accumulated an entire room of creative crafty items such as stamps, inks, markers, ribbons, magazines, scrapbook materials... not to mention my growing art supplies. (Yes, my husband is not a big fan of her introducing me to all these wonderful things!) My dear friend Nancy got me into making cards and I was very excited with the entire learning process. This woman is a wealth of knowledge believe me. Check out her site by looking at my "cool links" under Nancy's Creative Mess. She taught me pretty much everything I know when it comes to making cards; techniques galore, where to shop, introduced me to "Stampin-up" which she sells, led me to different websites for ideas... the list goes on and on. I have learned much from her. She is a good friend. So here I am today posting some of my cards... (hey come to think of it Nancy taught me how to blog too!) Like I said earlier "A wealth of knowledge"!
These are just a few cards that I am making to sell for charity for Children's Ministry at my Church. I usually put a shoebox full of cards and the congregation has happily purchased them in the past and have since requested more.
One of the cards is a wedding card I designed for a friends wedding. It was very enjoyable creating this card because I got to use my new tool the "cuttle bug" by Provo Craft. I cut out the lady's dresses in a shape that looked like they would be a wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses... then sent them through my cuddle bug embossing the design on each dress. I then cut some 'glitter dots' (what I like to call them) from words that I bought at the scrapbooking store (they usually spell out words for a scrapbooking page like "birthday" or "congratulations"). I like to use the dots separately or in a small bunch like I did for the brides tiara on this card.
The fuschia pink 'Happy Birthday' card is called a "Slider" card. Basically there is a piece of paper that you 'pull' up that has a message on it. I used my 'word slot' punch to punch out where the message will be seen on the front of the card. The further you pull out this piece of paper the more the message is revealed. Nancy is much better at giving directions with these sorts of cards (as I learned from her) so maybe I will ask her to post a 'slider' card on her site with all the instructions. I don't know where she stores all her information but she is very good at what she does.
Happy Creating Everyone!


Nancy said...

I'm blushing..... thanks friend.

Kelly's Artistic Journaling said...

You deserve it!!!