Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Camping In Kanaskis

Last week I was over at my girlfriends house from Church and she told me that her and her family and some other families from our Church go up to Kananaskis for August long weekend every year... I didn't know this but was quickly excited about the idea. So... I got on the phone to the campsite as soon as I got home. Sad news... there were no spots available. I phoned my girlfriend and told her that we couldn't come and then we chatted a bit and the idea came to her that maybe there was room on their site for us and our giant tent. It turned out there was room on their site and not only that but our tent was able to accomodate her and her husband and their seventeen year old son too! Bonus! It was Wednesday when we decided we were going camping and would leave Friday afternoon. I ran around frantically trying to get everything organized making list after list of things we would need to take with us. As it turned out those lists were not needed as I got so flustered that I forgot everything anyway! It was kind of funny, I went grocery shopping and brought all the groceries but forgot to pack anything extra from home, such as utensils, bowls, salt and pepper or other seasonings etc. The weekend was a blast however and all the families shared whatever they needed to. Except for the one rainy day it was a beautiful weekend and very nice to sleep out in the great outdoors. We are planning on booking a few weekends of camping next year!
Now it's raining when we are home... hmmmm... I hope the sun comes out soon again.
Happy creating.

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