Monday, August 20, 2012

Up To Date With My Blog Pages To Share

Hello my lovely friends here.  Thanks so much for coming by.  I have had an extremely busy summer (as you can probably tell from me not posting since August 1 :0)
I do not usually let things go like that!

On another more lovely thought... the above page was done for my big Sister Kathy.  She has requested from me a piece with an Angel using iced blue colors.  The scan really does not do this page justice, it looks so much better in person!
I completed this piece while RV'ing in my girlfriends RV while they were out of town, I guess you could say I was RV-sitting;)

I finished this one also while at the RV.  You can't really call in camping as we were watching "Gilmore Girls" while I art Journaled.  Yep, that was an awesome quiet, peaceful time.

Today I have worked on a page about my Jesus, my Savior.  I just feel Him calling me closer, calling me to go deeper into Him.
I long for Him, I need Him,
He is my strength and my shield.

I pray that your strength and your shield is standing firm over you.
Have a blessed day.



Sandra Kaye said...

It is just lovely to see your work again!!! Your art work is lovely! I really love the first one..that angel is wonderful. Glad you had a nice summer. Hugs

Mary said...

Kelly your work is inspiring and beautiful!

jinxxxygirl said...

Some one else who like Gilmore Girls! Thank goodness! I thought i was alone! I've seen them all except the last one......sigh....

Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

I love it to see you back and enjoy of your beautiful work. It is such a lovely and awesome art work. love the angel but also the face with the hands. Your creativity is wonderful. Love it very very much.
Lovely greet

Barbara said...

Thank God for you and for your site! I suffer from PTSD and was swamped by depression this last month. I wanted to give up, quit and was surfing the net 2 days ago and found your site. The art captured my attention then the words. Your love for God shines through and it touched my heart. I no longer want to quit. Thank God for leading me to your site. Please don't stop posting. Your words and art are like a balm to my wounded soul.

Creative Mish said...

Wow! These are beautiful Kelly