Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hello Again My Dear Friends

Well hello again!  I know I have been extremely absent from my blog for awhile, but guess what?  I am back.  I was on a 40 day fast from my blog for Lent and now it is done.  So much has happened in these last 40 days...  I am no longer working but concentrating on my healing of my body from FM and Hypermobility issues with my joints.  I will be doing a lot of Dr's visits in the next little while and praying for good results! AMEN!  My Sister is out of the hospital and at home recovering, although frustrated with the slow healing process, I think she will eventually be okay.  She will most likely feel the effects of this tragedy for the rest of her life in her body and soul but I know that with God she will find her true healing. 
I made her this Angel as per her request (she has always wanted a red-headed Angel because she has beautiful red hair herself).  I drew her as a very serene look to her face, one of almost deep concentration within trying to reveal the power of healing the Angel was giving to my sister from God.  I hated seeing my sister in so much pain, it truly broke my heart, but hearing how much joy she received from receiving my Angel for her I was blessed indeed.  I wrote her a long letter to go with it that it might entertain her and she loved that too!  She told me that when she feels well enough to sit up and actually use her hands to write, she is going to write me a long letter back:)  I had the biggest smile on my face due to her words!  I cannot physically be with her but I can certainly send her things to cheer her up!

I will share some more work that I have done during the 40 days later this week.

Many hugs and blessings Dear Friends.



Janet said...

It's good to see you back. You were missed!

I hope your sister continues her recovery with the help of your angel. I just sent a painting I did to a dear friend who just went through two major surgeries in three days.

Sandra Kaye said...

Hello Kelly, It is so good to hear form you again. I am very glad your sister is on the mend. Your angel is just beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing your art..It inspires me all the time :):) Hugs

Creative Mish said...

I've been wondering where you were.. Glad to see you're back and glad to hear that your sister is improving. I will continue to pray for her healing and for yours as well.

laurie said...

i am so glad you are back in blog-land. your angel is so serene and knowing - she is the essence of healing itself. i'm sure your sister was thrilled.

Suz said...

I will pray for your healing (she says as she is flat on her back on a horrible flare day!) I love the gift you made for your sister. What a lovely way of being present.
Big hugs,

White Violet Art said...

Kelly...my heart goes out to your and your sister and her family...I wish her a smooth and healthy recovery...you'll both be in my thoughts and prayers...

P.S. Missed your work and inspiration! Doing a little catching up in blogland myself... ;)

*Hugs* and take care...