Thursday, September 22, 2011

Windswept Ladies Mood Calendar ~ January

I decided to get ahead this year (because last year I didn't even get to one) and make my mood calendar for 2012. I think I did one in 2010 but I never got to filling it out completely. So... I am making one for next year and am calling it "Windswept Ladies Mood Calendar 2012". I so enjoyed making my last few pieces of art with the flowing hair that this idea of a calendar floated to the surface and voila! ~ I'm putting my idea into action! Tomorrow I will post the month of February as I am already finished two months ~ only 10 more months to go!

I plan to use this calendar for all the ladies at the centre to use in tracking their moods, a fun way to motivate them I'm thinking!

So, until tomorrow where the romantic month of February shall be posted!

Hugs and many blessings



Sandra Kaye said...

Hey Kelly, I was so researching this very calendar idea over at pringle hill studio. I 'm making my journal now. So I can fill it up next year. Great minds think alike :):):) I look forward to seeing your pages. I will show you mine too!!- Hugs-- Sandie

Healing Woman said...

Very creative and cool idea. Looks like so much fun too!

Janet said...

Great idea and beautiful calendar page.

I've been thinking about making a 2012 calendar ahead of time, too. It seems as if I never get to it during the actual year so if I have it ready maybe I'll use it.

Jennibellie said...

Kelly this is fantastic, love the name too hehe tfs, Jenny :)