Friday, September 23, 2011

Windswept Calendar ~ February

Aaaahhhh, to be in love mon'cheri(?)... I love LOVE, everything about it makes me all mushy and gushy inside, however, I HATE HATE HATE the commercialism of Valentines Day! Commercialism sucks the life out of any holiday don't you think? I can't stand walking in the mall and seeing items already displayed for a holiday three months down the road! Yuck!

So why have I given into the idea of romance for February? Well, that is a good question Kelly ~ wow, you are so darn smart! :)

I am in love with having a day dedicated to LOVE and it just so happens that that particular day is in February (I will not call it V-day, just LOVE day, how's that?) I do not want to be one of those individuals (insert names here, here and here) who gives into commercialism. Hmmm... now I've just confused myself:p

I feel like the very idea that I have associated romance with February has made me a hypocrite in mine own eyes! Do I love it, do I hate it? Oy vay! I wish I would make up my own mind for darn sakes!:)

So... to make it perfectly clear... I love ROMANCE and LOVE and everything to do with a day dedicated to love but I DO NOT love commercialism? Make sense? Good.

Okay... moving on.

Here is my February portion of my mood calendar (completely unassociated with commercialism in any way shape or form!)

Hugs and many blessings



Martha Lever said...

Love your windswept ladies and very cool calendar!

Jennibellie said...

Love, February is my birthday month so think this will have to be my favourite before even seeing the others. Totally agree with the commercialism - every break up I've ever had has been around this time and the pushy adverts and media, as well as a break up for a birthday, does not help lol

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Thanks for being fabulous, much love Jenny

NatashaMay said...

Oh, well. I don't really mind commersialism. :) If you think about it every darn holliday is commersialized. But then again I'm not too big on hollidays so I don't really care. :) As long as I get a gift and a cake I don't mind anything much.:)) Just so you know, I get a Valentine's gift from my Mom and not from my hubby. :)) We re so traditional. :))