Friday, July 30, 2010

Creative Lettering Alphabets

The past couple of weeks have been slightly difficult in that my pain levels were rather high... so... I have been only able to get in an hour hear and there for my art work. Rebecca has inspired me yet again with her alphabets so I decided to create some alphabets of my own. I am obsessed with lettering! I admit it! They are so beautiful and fun.
Hopefully they will inspire you!
Happy creating everyone!



Ophelia said...

These alphabets are awesome! I really wish I could learn more creative writing styles for my journal pages. These are amazing.

Healing Woman said...

Oh! Your lettering is so great..especially compared to mine! I worked so hard getting the Celtic writing for my painting but it just doesn't come easy for me..yours is soooo good.

Phoenix Peacock said...

these are so funky! I am hoping you feel better soon and meanwhile find the time to listen to your bodies needs and give it the rest it requires! gentle hugs.

Rebecca Anthony said...

These are all great Kelly, I especially love the first one!!!!!

Heather said...

These are fun kelly! I like #1 an #3...I do hope you feel better soon. Sorry to hear you don't feel well. take care of yourself.

Janet Ghio said...

Your alphabets look great Kelly! and Rebecca is quite an inspiration! I am so glad you posted her blog on your blog a couple of weeks ago!!

Diane said...

I love these Kelly, and the possibilities really are endless!!

Creative Mish said...

I hope you're getting your pain levels down. I'll be praying for you. I love your alpha's . You amaze me :)

Katsui Jewelry said...

Great lettering!

Thanks so much for being a follower of Katsui blog. We are having a giveaway (drawing this Monday) to thank our first hundred followers. We are putting you on my favorites, too. We don't want to forget you in our blog-hopping.

Kat and Suz

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Kelly, your lettering is so fantastic. I love each one of them.
I hope your pain eases.

stephey said...

Love your letters and perseverance, to create even when in debilitating pain- talk about creative warriorship. I acknowledge your strength and it is beautiful! Thank you for sharing this - very inspiring.

I read this blessing by John O'Donohue the other day and after reading your post(s) leave it here in hopes it inspires and offers even a moment of pain free living, I send all the healing energy that can come into you and your loved ones.
♥ stephey

For Freedom
As a bird soars high
In the free holding of wind,
Clear of the uncertainty of ground,
Opening the imagination of wings
Into the grace of emptiness
To fulfill new voyagings,
May your life awaken
To the call of its freedom.
May all that holds you
Fall from its hungry ledge
Into the fecund surge of your heart.
–  John O’Donohue
To Bless the Space Between Us: A Book of Blessings

Emakesart said...

I love the alphabets, especially the middle one! I really hope you feel better SOON.