Friday, December 11, 2009

Sketchbook Project - Almost Finished!

I guess I have been a busy little bee trying to finish up my pages for the Sketchbook Project: Danger! Danger! theme. A friend of mine showed me her zentangle doodle, she colored hers in rich earthy colors, and it gave me the bug again! I had to doodle another one! I can't believe how addicting yet relaxing they are! I was thinking about Jesus and how complex He is and how He is everywhere at anytime and so awesome... this is where my thoughts led me. As I drew out His name I felt so much peace enveloping me. What does this have to do with a Danger! Danger! theme? I added this because to me knowing Jesus is life and without Him what do we have? I guess this is the reason for the last three pages.
I just finished reading a fabulous book called "Blessed Child" by Ted Dekker and Bill Bright. It was an amazing read. The story taught me a great deal about what really is important in life. There was a saying that a pastor said in the book that went something like this..., "Whoever said that a twisted hand made straight was more miraculous than a healed heart?" What a great question! We concentrate so much on the flesh in this world that we tend to forget that it's the heart that is important. I am thankful my mind and heart have been on Jesus lately. I did get busy there and I hate it when I do this to myself! Why is it that when we know the answer to what we need in our lives we do everything but what is good for us????
Well, Happy Creating everyone!



lilasvb said...

great to come visit your blog!

Creative Mish said...

You've been busy! These pages are beautiful!

joanna said...

I love your sketchbook! and your blog :)

morningDove said...

i love your zentangles. i am sure working on the Jesus page was very freeing. He is like that - gives us what we have need of.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, These are amazing. Your zentangles make my fingers itch for a pen.