Saturday, December 5, 2009

Next Few Pages Danger Danger Journal

These are my next installments towards completing my Danger, Danger Sketchbook from Arthouse Coop Project.

The first one is the World of coarse with the signlanguage letters of "Love". I think it's pretty self-explanatory as our world is lacking love in many areas and therefore it is in "danger".

The second one I loved doing because of it's calm and fairytale like colors and shimmer (I'm not sure if you can see the shimmering effects of the paper, I used my twinkling H20's of coarse!) Early on in my relationship with my husband I realized that I placed really high expectations on him to be my 'Knight in Shining Armor', I even jokingly called him my 'Knight with No Armor' because of my disappointment that he wasn't as 'Prince Charming' as all the fairytales I read and gave much too much importance too. I think girls are drawn to fairytales as children and then it matures into romance, but not realistic romance really. It all looks great on the page or in a movie but try and duplicate that in real life and things usually aren't as grand! My hubby found it very hard to live up to the men on my soap operas that I used to watch. God has shown me since then that this was not fair to my husband. A relationship is nothing like a fairytale and the "Love" that is shown in fairytales or in "Romances" or "Soap operas" is not real. Real love is the complete opposite where you are not even thinking about what you will receive but what you give to the person you are in love with! It is a oneness that only comes from God and it is meant to be beautiful and everlasting. It is a team effort where it takes two to build the team and work to becoming one with each other.

The last page... this idea came to me from my youngest son. He told me the idea and spread the image around my mind until it came out on paper. I remember bringing home my report card when I was little and it usually was me disappointed in myself for not doing better, I know that as a parent it would be a lot different if my boys came home with report cards like the boy in this drawing. Scary business indeed! lol.

I am having fun with these pages and have seven more spreads to go. I hope the ideas continue to come to me! If you have any ideas let me know.
Happy creating everyone!


fromthepines said...

I love the Earth one Kelly. The sign language is a great idea.


Tammy Freiborg said...

You filling the book with some great images, ideas, and challenges we all face! It's fun to see the inspiration coming from your sons - the next generation!

Socrates said...

These pages are looking fantastic. I love your cinderella. She just really gets the point across.

And the love in sign language is brilliant. Fabulous work. Sox

LisaC said...

WOW Kelly, these are great pages! I especially LOVE LOVE LOVE the LOVE one, LOL. Those hand pictures are perfect as is the image. I think I just glued a similar image down in my sketchbook, only half of it though, LOL. Keep up the great work!

lilasvb said...

i like your pages and what you said about cindirella

Toni said...

Hi There -
Your pages are quite brilliant. I also loved your thoughts on Fairtytale-ism. I think all of us girls hope for the un-dying devotion, adoration, etc. found in Disney movies and chick flicks. I'm in love with fairytales...but, my guy is as solid as a rock as someone can get. He's not perfect nor, am I - but I trust him with everything that I am...most people can't say that. That's my fairytale...and it's come true.


Vicki Robison said...

I stumbled upon your blog (somehow) and all I can say is wow! It is so inspirational, revealing and insightful. Can I ask what sort of journal/sketchbook do you use? Or do you bind your own?