Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Foot Fun With My Boys

I was sitting on the couch doodling my normal doodles when I suddenly looked over and saw a blank canvas before me ~ my son's foot! He giggled and then said, 'okay fine'... so I began to draw a funny hippy chick on his foot. He then doodled on my foot all the 'I love you's'. After that Ben came up and plopped his bare foot upon my lap and I went to work on another little funny character with a mustache. That was when Josh brought out my Copic Markers and hid my other foot behind a pillow and started coloring my foot ~ he made sure I couldn't see it until he finished! When he was done I had a colorful camouflaged foot. Life is too short not to have fun~especially with my boys!
I am so glad that we can have fun like this!
Happy creating everyone!


Creative Mish said...

Cute! My foot would be too ticklish to do that!

Angel said...

How fun! And sweeet memories for you!