Saturday, February 28, 2009

An Amazing Piece of Artwork

This 1" thick slab of Petrified wood (believe it or not) was cut out, ground, and polished into an amazing piece of artwork! I was so taken by this I would have purchased it and hung it on my wall at home but it was almost $7,000. We went to Banff for the weekend to take the boys snowboarding and when we were walking through the main streets of town we found this awesome Gem/Fossil shop... and this is where I fell in love!!! The colors were deep and rich and filled with the earth. I would love to do our countertops in our kitchen with this but it's just not feasible for obvious reasons. Bummer!
Which reminds me... amazingly enough we are still not finished all our renovations! Randy and I are STILL in negotiations as to what we want our countertops made out of - I want Granite and he would rather put in something easier and less money. We are almost finished the hardwood going up the stairs but the weather has stopped us from finishing the wood varnishing... one day we will get there but I am in no hurry really. I know that when we are all finished we will have what we want. We have really opened up our house with the renovations we did do... taking out pony walls and laying down hardwood floors and we are just determining which rails we are going to put in the stairwell - we are thinking we are going to go with metal rails as they are the thinnest and will keep the spaces we made full of light.
Randy cut a big window hole in Ben's room overlooking the stairwell because Ben wanted more light (or Randy wanted to cut a big hole in the wall! LOL) and he has framed it in... now we are negotiating whether we are going to put shutters or glass bricks in that space. I am aiming for glass bricks because that will also cut out some of the noise of Ben's music while we are watching a movie in the family room. Ah the joys of life! LOL
All in God's timing! Amen
Hugs to all

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Angel said...

That IS cool! Have fun working on your house. We completely redid a house once and it was almost just the way we wanted it and kevin got orders. *sigh* I wish we still had that house, but someday we'll do it again and it will be fun!