Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fourth Picture Tag

My dear friend Angel tagged me in her blog and so I am fulfilling the tag by posting the fourth picture in the forth file of "My Pictures". This picture is of our youth group at Church... I'm not exactly sure why they were posing like this... but they are always doing crazy things at youth.
So now... I get to tag four people to do the same for their blogs...
So I am tagging:
Nancy E.
Michelle (Creative Treasures)
and Nicole
So it's your turn to post the fourth picture in the fourth file of your "My Pictures". Can't wait to see!

Thanks Angel for tagging me... this was fun!
Much love and hugs


Angel said...

That is a cool picture! I found that tag to be one of the funnest so far. I didn't know what I was going to find when I went looking for my 4th pic!

Michelle said...

I love your picture! I posted mine today :)