Monday, November 10, 2008

Fall Daylight Savings Time

I don't know what it is this year about the Daylight savings time but I am really not liking the fact that it starts to get dark at 5pm. As soon as I'm walking outside the door from work it is almost completely dark. Maybe that is the difference... I haven't worked this late into the day in years and have not had to drive home in the dark. The entire atmosphere changes and it's almost like everyone in their cars put on 'Grumpy Gus' hats ~ probably because they are feeling the same way I am feeling. The day seems much too short for me and it makes me tired and grumpy.
I usually have a hard time this season ~ when fall turns to winter and the air outside becomes nippy. My doctor recommended that I purchase a S.A.D. light (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which should help my moods during the winter (I still have to purchase one). I am supposed to sit under this light 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night and I believe that is supposed to simulate sunlight. Basically I think you are tricking your brain into believing it is not lacking sunlight ~ it's like... "See Mr.Brain... I am not neglecting you, there actually is sunlight in my house!" LOL.
The light pictured above is from www.sadlight.com and on this site are many different mechanism's a person can purchase to help them through the long months of winter.
Let me know if you suffer from S.A.D. and tell me what you have done to help yourself through it.

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Angel said...

I have a friend who suffers from SAD. It's like she crawls into a shell in the winter. I will have to tell her about this light! {{{{HUGS}}}}