Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hello Blogland, I'm Back to the Land of the Living!

"Faith Through Love" @2014 Kelly Watts
First of all... HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Just a bit late!
I have been in full blown recovery mode.  It has been almost two and a half months since my Hysterectomy and I have finally been able to get back to some art work.
So.... to start this post off I will share with you the above piece "Faith Through Love", it is my phrase for 2014.  I will live by them as much as I can through out the year and attempt to love everyone as God loves them, unconditionally.

"Oceans" @2014 by Kelly Watts
Second on the agenda is my piece "Oceans (song lyrics by Hillsong)".  In the background and on the hood of her cloak I have written the lyrics to this beautiful song.  If you get a chance please listen to this song, it is amazing.
Her eyes are piercing like a fierce ocean.

"To Live is Christ" @2014 by Kelly Watts
Thirdly, my last show and tell... "To Live is Christ".  I have always been deeply touched by this verse, it expresses a loyalty beyond what is seen.
  Our purpose is to be Christ in this world; to love, to share, to give, to extend, to build-up, to take care of, to be the light in the darkness.
With my entire being I want to be this!
When all is said and done and I'm standing before my Father in Heaven,
may HE say to me,
"Well done, good and faithful servant."
I pray that my art expresses this longing of my heart... to serve the Father with all the gifts HE has given me.
Be blessed my Dear Friends
With much love.


Carol said...

Hi Kelly, I am so glad you are back. Praise God for his healing virtue. You are an inspiration to me. xoxo

CreativeMish said...

Nice to hear that you're doing good. I love your new pieces of art and I looked the song on Youtube. What a pretty song!

Susan Carol said...

Yes, your art expresses this longing in your heart. Its beautiful. I love the blue eyes piercing like a fierce ocean and how you've included the words in the backround. I'm going to follow your blog now. Glad you are better.