Sunday, May 27, 2012

She's All That Journal Page

Doing a little Sunday journal page making.  This journal page I sell on my Etsy shop @ www.kellysartjournaling.etsy.com and I also show what it could look like all filled out with my journaling today.  This page was so much fun to make as it brought out the girlieness in me and who doesn't like that??? 

Once the page was filled out I wrote out text in the empty white spaces surrounding the girl, they say, "God you never seize to pursue me and lead me beside still water." 

It is such a true statement.  God is always with me and everytime I need to cry out to Him, He prepares the way for me to do so.  This time it was during an amazing Church service today.  A young pastor gave his testimony about losing his wife in a car accident that he was also in, he witnessed her death.  It happened at a time in his life when everything was going so well, he called it "his jerusalem" time.
The period after losing her he called "his time in exile".  He was lost for six months in deep depression and began to drink to numb his pain.  Thankfully people at his Church loved on him and brought him back and He surrendered his life once again to Christ vowing from that moment on he would serve the Lord.  Since then he has been remarried and has two beautiful children, he is still fervently serving the Lord as a pastor.  His story reminded me very much of Job.

What an amazing testimony, I am certain many tears were shed but I couldn't tell because my eyes seemed to be leaking and I could not control it!  His testimony made me very aware of the brokeness I was feeling and well, let's just say I had zero make-up on after that!! :)

We all need to hear a good testimony every now and then.  God meets us in our brokeness and He never lets us go!

I pray that if you find yourself in a state of brokeness that you will turn to Him.  Cry out to Him because He is listening, actually He is waiting for you right now!  He will meet you right where you are and you will find comfort in His arms. 

John 3:16 "For God so LOVED the world that He gave up His one and only Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting love."

God bless you. 

Many hugs and blessings to you for your new week.



Joni James said...

these are gorgeous Kelly!

Ophelia said...


Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

kelly this is so gorgeous. Beautiful work. I found your site via Julia (Verdigrisrose)and i walked through your blog. What a wonderful and beautiful art work you make. I hits my heart offen. Marvelous also your deeper meaning behind your hournaling.
Lovely greet and nice weekend
Marja (The netherlands)

lilasvb said...

love the green shoes