Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Forgive Me For My Recent Neglect

Ah my Dear Friends... I have missed you. I have been so caught up in my "All Kinds Of Artists" book project that I have not had any time to work on my journal let alone post new blog pages! However, I have emailed all 687 participants and am awaiting responses, I have put together a proposal for the publishers and am almost ready to send it out. Onward and upward! May God bless its path!

Today I am sharing with you a new journal piece that I finished about fifteen minutes ago (I know! What took me so long to post it right? LOL). This page is called searching. I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for your patience and understanding in my lack of posting lately, I promise to do better!

Many hugs and blessings to all of you!




Hi Kelly!
I love this work of art....it is perfectly named! Well done.
And, wow! I'm so thrilled you tried my sauce and liked it.
You made my night!!

Ciao Bella!


Rebecca Anthony said...

This is great Kelly! Good for you with this project!! I'm excited, fingers crossed!!

Creative Mish said...

This piece of are is awesome. I love souls tunneling and each piece on her dress. Beautiful!

Diane said...

This is truly beautiful!

Suz said...

It's ok Kelly. I sure wish I could take part but things are too crazy here. I admire you for doing this...and writing in each name by hand! Wow!

That picture is sooo beautiful!

Sending you hugs,

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Lovely page and lovely words Kelly

Emakesart said...

Kelly, this page is SO powerful! Wow! Amazing!

And please forgive ME for my neglect of visiting your beautiful blog. I haven't been able to visit all the blogs I love on a regular basis lately and I miss it. Just a little bit here and there. But it's always a treat to come here and witness your beautiful art.