Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bad Hair Day Story

So I have been humming and hawing over what to do with my hair for awhile now... I have super thick hair and it seems to be harder to do things with it on days when I am in a lot of pain from FM.

Lastnight I found these funny looking curlers(?), they are more like cloth covered wire with a small square sponge in the middle, I decided I would give them a try ~ if they didn't work out nicely I could always straighten my hair in the morning - NO PROBLEMO, right?

Ya right!

I woke up this morning and started unrolling the rollers... as I let the bottom of each piece of hair go it sprang up to my head and I was left with these funny looking, very fuzzy curly q's stuck to my scalp, some of them didn't curl at all because they didn't dry so they kind of just hung there 1/2 curled and limp looking. It was an intresting sight to see, to say the least!

No problem... I'll just wet my hair down, blow dry it and straighten it and all will be well in my world!


I went to plug in my straightener and suddenly it wouldn't turn on! "WHAT???? No, this can't be happening! I haven't used a curling iron in years, in fact I don't even own one anymore and all I've ever used to tame my thick frizzy long hair is my precious straightener!"

Endless thoughts float through my brain...

I wet my hair as I planned and began to blowdry my sopping wet mane of locks, my bangs are bone straight and are hanging in my eyes which are already beginning to irritate me. I am not a happy camper, in fact I'm kind of freaking out!

It took me 30 minutes to dry my hair, 20 minutes to locate an old round brush, another 20 minutes to paste my bangs into place... and boy if someone had had a video camera pointed at my bad hair day experience they would have been seriously entertained at my expense!

In the end I went to work with my bangs in my eyes and my hair definitely not in place and shiny, (more like fuzzy, strangely wavy and very dull looking indeed). But hey, it's only hair right?

Oy Vay!

Do you have a 'bad hair day' experience you would like to share with me? I would love to read it! Just send it on over to me in the comments!

I hope you are all have a wonderful hair week!
Hugs and many blessings to you all!



Phoenix Peacock said...

Kelly I wish I could hug you! Those days suck. Half the time my hair isn't done because my arms are too weak and in too much pain to hold up that long - pathetic, I know.
Today I just got my hair cut so that it is much thinner. Lately my neck pain has been so severe that I notice the weight of my hair. So now, I still have long hair, but with tons and tons of layers, very emo style. All day I've been noticing how weightless it feels!
I hope your day gets better hon.

ayra k said...

Bad hair day experience? Definitely.

I take off my contacts and wear my glasses after a shower, which results in my bangs drying in a curl on either sides around the glasses frames.
The next morning I would have a { <--shaped bang hanging over my eyes and nothing I could do would straighten them... it was once so bad I had to stick my head under the tap just to wet it all and start all over.

Creative Mish said...

My hair is corkscrew curly and growing up I hated it and always kept it fairly short. Just the last 7 or 8 years I've grown it out some.
My daughter tried to help me straighten it. Two hours later most of it was straight but the under layer was still a little damp and curly. No way can I do that every morning. I've never tried again
I've decided God gave it to me I'll just deal with it. Thanks to numerous hair products I just scrunch it and let it go. I do flat iron my bangs. I would die if I couldn't do that!

An'Angelia Thompson said...

I had those same rollers, Kelly! It occurs to me now that why would we expect beautiful, rounded curls out of a square sponge? LOL They are comfy to sleep in though, aren't they? Dreads, Kelly. Dreads. Just sayin'. LOL Much love & hugs to you!

Suz said...

I gave in. It's called "short hair in a wedge cut." Found a guy who can do it well. It's about a five minute effort. I miss my long hair...but I just couldn't do it anymore ;-0
I will still have a good week!

Anonymous said...

I just read this post and Had to comment! My hair is straight as an arrow and baby fine. As a teen, ny best friend and I would spend 2hrs every day doing our hair...me, trying to get a curl....my friend, trying to make her curls go straight. All those hours of torture! LOL! Thanks for bringing that memory back to mind! Also, do you have fibromyalgia? I noticed you said "FM". I'm newly diagnosed just 7 weeks ago. Scary and overwhelming for me.

Anonymous said...

my hair is super straight and baby fine-I HATE it! What I wouldn't do (or haven't done) to get just a bit of curl. Seems those of us with straight hair want curly. All the curly girls want straight! LOL! By the way...do you suffer from fibromyalgia? You mentioned "FM" in this post so I was curious. I'm recently diagnosed....7 weeks ago. Scary and frustrating for me but I'm trying to figure it out.

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Oh Kelly that brought a smile to my face although I know you weren't smiling at the time. My worst hair days were in school, I have oily hair and before I realised that I just can't last more than one or two days without washing it, I would be tying it up in a pony tail and washing the fringe before I went to school. Then I read about a quick fix in a beauty magazine that if you put talc on your hair it would absorb some of the oil and you just brush it out, so you didn't have to wash your hair as often. Well you know how that ended up, I looked like someone had dumped flour on my hair so I had to wash it anyway. My hair stays long enough now to tie up so when I do have a bad hair day, out comes the ties and bobby pins and it goes up, all I have to do then is blowdry the fringe. Hope your weekend got better