Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Desperate Call for Inspirational Playlist Ideas

Hello everyone! I have been having a hard time trying to find new and inspirational music for my art journaling class at the women's recovery centre. I need ideas for music/songs I can play while I teach... songs that lift spirits, makes them want to dance, gives them smiles, helps them feel better about themselves.

So this is what I am asking... if you have favorite songs that do all those things for you, can you please either send me an email with your list of songs or simply comment below with your suggestions? I am so behind in my understanding of how to look up songs that everyone would like - LOL!

I am desperate people! DESPERATE I tell ya! LOL!

Thanks so much for your suggestions!

Big hugs and many blessings to you all!



Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Go to the bottom of my blog and scroll through the playlist. There is some good jazz there (no vocals)--some are quiet, some are upbeat.
Jot down what you like.
I've had a lot of folks tell me they open the blog, then minimize the page to keep the music playing.
Hope this is of some help!


Jennifer Snellings said...

Hi Kelly!

I just love that you are using your gift of art to teach and minister to the ladies at the women's recovery centre. I would just love to know more about what you are doing there, how you are helping them and what types of things you are teaching them through your journaling class. Such an amazing ministry!!! My husband is a pastor and I'd love to talk with you about implementing your ideas into church ministry settings or as part of an outreach ministry...of course only if you are open to it!! :)

I love that you are incorporating music into your classes. Music can be so uplifting and healing. It would seem to fit into your class so perfectly! As far as new music ideas...are you able to play Christian music or does it need to be kept in the secular range? If you can, praise music is always so uplifting and inspiring to me. I can always feel better when I'm having a tough day if I listen to some praise and worship music! Some of my favorite artists are Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, and David Crowder. Nicole Nordeman is another great one!

If you can't use Christian music, I really love Sarah Brightman; her voice is so beautiful! I love all of her music, but her album, Symphony, is amazing!!! Il Divo is also great and Celine Dion is one of my all time favorites. Are you looking for specific song titles?

Let me know if that helps at all or if you need more ideas! :)

Take care,

Sharon P. said...

I took a class where the instructor played background music by Shaina Noll. I'm particularly fond of "Lullabye" and "Angels Watching Over You". I absolutely LOVE your art...and your website! Sharon Pendergraft

Biffybeans said...

These are my favorites: http://www.biffybeans.com/2010/12/my-favorite-music-to-get-creative-by-or.html


Donna said...

Kelly, Nothing pops instantly to mind, but I just wanted you to know that I have a music blog and quite a few .mp3s from my CD called let your Children Dream. It has a lot of songs about Christian love, faith, trials, worship etc.

My music/journal blog is Thoughts of Home at www.songsofhome.blogspot.com.

I'll send links via email. The best ones for you would be..

Love Is..
Enter in Anew
Come Unto Me
What is Faith
In His Hands
My Life I Give to Thee
Let Your Children Dream


PS. That sounds so wonderful! How lovely that you are doing this for hurting women.

Creative Mish said...

I like so many types of music. Go check out my play list. You'll probably find a couple that you like

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong said...

- Enya's songs are all great for lifting the spirit.
- Sarah McLachlan's songs are also great for spirit and women.
- Lucinda Drayton (Bliss) has awesome songs for women to move on and for healings with angels.. like One Hundred Thousand Angels.
- OK GO - This Too Shall Pass

You may probably have all these in your list already.. =)

NatashaMay said...

My favorites right now are from Black Eyed Peas I got a feeling, Shakira Waka, waka and Loca. Monday Morning from I don't know who, Beyonce has some bouncy ones, too. :)) Good luck to you with the music choice. :)

Cheryl said...

Hey Kelly,
I often use "Going To The Sun". It is uplifting and relaxing - great background music to use while journaling and reflecting. Very soothing. You can find it here:

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Hi Kelly, Here is a link to an Australian group that I play all the time at home for when I am creating, meditating, journal writing, it is very spiritual and uplifting. http://www.sacredearthmusic.com/SacredEarth/Sacred_Earth_Welcome_Page_-_Music_For_Inner_Peace.html


An'Angelia Thompson said...

Hello, Dear Kelly! I haven't been on much - I see you've been busy! Looks like you may have your list complete, but if you're still looking, let me suggest Kenny G. Also, try classical music. Hope this helps. Hugs!