Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thinking Back Through 2010

This year (2010) my Word for the Year was Breakthrough... I was thinking about that and at one point I thought... hmph! "There wasn't too much of that going on!" Then I put aside my negativity and looked through my posts for this year! Breakthrough was actually the perfect word for 2010:
1. I was able to ween down my medication that I have been on for almost 14 years! (I had tried before and failed but this year I DID IT! YAY!) BREAKTHROUGH
2. I got a new job in January of 2010 and learned how to do accounting which I have never fully involved myself before (it was actually a fear of mine, but this year I overcame and am now comfortably slotted into a book keeping position!) BREAKTHROUGH
3. My husband got a new job and was blessed to get out of a job that he had been in for a number of years but never enjoyed... now he is doing something he really enjoys and is much happier. BREAKTHROUGH
4. I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia - not knowing what has been happening to my body for a number of years I am now able to learn more about this illness and put into place those things that help with the pain - I am finally able to go to the Chronic Pain Clinic and learn more about the resources available. BREAKTHROUGH
5. I started the Artist Blog Hop and since then have met MANY awesome artists who have inspired me so deeply - BREAKTHROUGH

6. Both of my sons are happy with school this year (never happened before that they both love it) BREAKTHROUGH

These are all amazing BREAKTHROUGH's in my life this year and I can see how God has worked in my life through this word that He gave me.

Now onto 2011 and I am looking forward to the HEALING HEALTH that will come! Come Lord Jesus come! Amen.

I pray that all of you can look back over this year and find the blessings that you have received.

Many hugs and blessings to you all - Merry Christmas!



Janet Ghio said...

A real breakthrough year for you Kelli. Happy holidays to you and your family!

Creative Mish said...

That is fabulous that you had so many breakthrough's this year! I hope you have the same success in 2011! Have a very merry Christmas!

And thank you so much for the Christmas card :)

raena said...

Wonderful post! I was going to mention that it sounded like you were counting blessings, but then you beat me to it! :D

REally love that face with the blue flowers on it! So pretty!

God bless!

lilasvb said...

it is motivating to read you, thanks

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama said...

Absolutely stunning! It's visual candy!! :)

Donna said...

Hi Kelly, I'm so happy for you! What wonderful new things are happening for you.

God is so good!

Donna @ Comin' Home

Healing Woman said...

What a fabulous post. Yes. We all need to be thankful for what we have and your "breakthrough" list is amazing. I will be making my own list just before the new year. Thanks so much for sharing the happiness in your life.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and inspiring post! I just LOVE your attitude!

Anonymous said...

Okay Kelly! this is a terrific post...it is a positive reflection of your years outcome..and I love that! I think I'll sit down with a nice fresh cup of hot coffee and write my own list of Breakthroughs for the year 2010...
maybe I'll even journal a page about it!

thanks so much for the inspiration.
thanks for the blog linky art list.
thanks for sharing your positive viewpoint.

and congratulations on all of your accomplishments!
way to go....I say, give yourself a pat on the back!

ciao bella

Creative Carmelina

ozzieroy said...

Love your work, with the lettering it looks very tide and graphic!

Amanda Trought said...

Kelly, this is a great post, tremendous breakthroughs, definitely have to thank God for all his grace and mercies. Thank you for following my blog and thank you for being an inspiration. Love your work by the way.

Have a blessed Christmas.


ArtfulLee Designed said...

That is an impressive list of breakthroughs Kelly, you just show how faith can play a big part in how your life pans out. It's in the way you see things that makes all the difference.
I wish you a blessed 2011 and I have loved every minute of visiting your blog.

Ophelia said...

Wow!! Amazing! Wishing you the very best of everything in 2011! Looking forward to sharing the journey! Wish you health and healing my friend! Great words!