Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's Official - Two Teenage Boys!

It's official - we have two teenagers! Ben is 13!!! Teenage birthdays are SO different from when they were little guys. When they were little they were much more taxing physically and mentally with all the little kidlets... now they seem to be more taxing on the old cheque book! Ben needed a new bike so this was his birthday present this year. For his celebration he had two of his friends sleepover and we went to see "How To Train Your Dragon" at the theatre. It was a calm celebration for the most part, there were no mishaps and no-one got hurt which is a major bonus. I remember having to have a box full of bandaids and icepacks when the kids were little. One party Josh's soccer team dog piled him! Oy vay!

My baby's a teenager!!!!! Happy 13th Benjamin!



Nancy said...

How on earth did our little boys become teenagers??? Sigh... Happy (belated) birthday, Ben!

Creative Mish said...

Yea! Happy birthday to Ben! such a fun age...