Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy "Mail" Day

HAPPY MAIL DAY TO ME!!!! So... here's the deal... I wake up Friday morning with a horrible nasty cold and with the knowledge that in about an hour I have to go and have my first Cortisone shot EVER! Not starting out too great is it? I make my way downstairs to the kitchen preparing to make myself some tea and here is this beautiful "Mail Art" addressed TO ME!!!! Suddenly my day is looking much better and after staring in glorified amazement at the beautiful piece of art work from my wonderful friend Alice (a.k.a. 'Aliki')I gracefully slit the top of the envelope open not wanting to damage my new precious gift of art. Inside she has explained that she has just discovered the joy of "Mail Art" and she wanted to share it with ME! How beautiful is that??? I forgot all about my cold and my soon to be shot in the arm and basked in the beauty of her 'Mail art'... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
What ever happened to the whole 'sending physical letters' thing anyway? Why has it died out? Because of things like what I am using in the comfort of my home as I type and share with the world my wonderful experience of receiving "mail art"! Is it a gift or a curse? I really don't know. On the one hand I love the convenience factor of having a laptop, I love that I can share with people I don't even know my joys and experiences in life, I love that people contact me from all over the world and bring smiles to my face... but is it the same as receiving a hand crafted gorgeous piece of "Mail art"??? Knowing that someone took time out of their busy lives to sit down and make something for me... now that's a precious gift we take for granted these days! I know the time that goes into making these things and I appreciate every second and every ounce of creativity that goes into them.
I love the excitement however, of coming home and walking to the mail box and discovering a letter addressed to me!
I hope I can give Alice (Aliki) the same joy she gave to me. I also enclosed the mailart that I am sending back to her. Thank you Alice for making my day with all the love you sent my way!
Want to spread some love and smiles to others???? Make some 'mail art' and send it to someone you are thinking about! Guaranteed smiles everytime! Maybe 'snail mail' has not died out afterall, maybe it's coming back???? Wouldn't that be grand?
Happy Creating everyone!



Janet Ghio said...

Love the mailart!!! Nothing better than to get real mail that you can touch!!

Rita A. said...

Yes. These are beautiful and I do hope the art of snail mail is coming back. There is something so, oh I can't think of the word, for hand written letters. I often think of the Victorian era when they sent lovely letters often with sketches and little bits like a dried flower.
Thank you for sharing and inspiring me and others.

Rita A. said...

Yes. I often wish snail mail would come back. There is something wonderful about holding an handwritten letter in your hand. I often wish for the Victorian era when they wrote beautiful letters, often with sketches, and perhaps a dried flower or something.
Thank you for sharing and inspiring me.

Creative Mish said...

Wow that is beautiful! I still try and mail out my handmade cards on occasion... and write a little note with them.... It will never die totally :)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree about the mail art its lovely and i appreciate all that i get too. What a wonderful community we have here. These are all superb
hugs June xxxxx